Nov. 4 Broadcast

From Behinds Bars would like to invite all friends, allies, and interested
community members to tune-in to the show this Tuesday, Nov. 4, for a 1 hour
special about John McKendy and the Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP).

In light of John’s recent passing, From Behind Bars’ Tuesday show will focus on
John’s prison work and examine the Alternatives to Violence Project.

If you have participated in the AVP, as a facilitator, former inmate, or
outside volunteer, and would like to contribute to the show, please drop by the
radio station (in the Student Union Building on campus) between 6-7pm.

Community members are also encouraged to phone-in during the broadcast and
share their thoughts and experiences on AVP and other aspects of John’s prison

From Behind Bars is a weekly radio broadcast that explores prison issues and
offers weekly news stories on prison issues, prisoners of war, and political

From Behind Bars airs this and every Tuesday, from 6-7pm, on CHSR in

Fredericton (97.9 fm). We can be found online at:


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