Prisoners strike is over


Drummondville Federal Penitentiary

LCN (Quebec), July 10, 2008

The prisoners strike has ended at the Drummondville federal penitentiary, after the 380 prisoners voted 51% in favor of a return to work and programs.

The prisoners had implemented methods of pressure following the application of the federal law on tobacco, the prohibition of smoking in the yard of the establishment.

The end of the strike of the prisoners of Drummondville came after the authorities of the penitentiary in question had issued an ultimatum to the prisoners.

The prisoners exposed themselves to a transfer to another prison establishment. Those that were soon to be admissible for conditional release could have found themselves with a disciplinary opinion on their file.

The strike continues nevertheless at the penitentiary of Cowansville. Negotiations continue between the authorities and the prisoners, who have to spend 18 to 24 hours in their cells.


Here’s a related article from a few days ago ~ Abo.

Detainees at Cowansville continue their strike

Olivier Caron, Matinternet, Quebec, July 8, 2008

The detainees of the Cowansville prison continue their strike that began last week, according to a report received this Tuesday morning by the LCN network. The negotiations with authorities have produced nothing so far.

Last Wednesday, the prisoners had refused to return to work to protest the ban on tobacco products in federal prisons, a measure that was put in place this past May 20. What the prisoners want in fact is the right to be able to smoke a cigarette in the internal courtyard of the establishment.

The prisoners of Drummondville had also demonstrated against the ban last week.


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