Colombian Hostage Rescue Coming to Theaters

Okay, so this isn’t something we would normally post, but anyone who listened to the From Behind Bars broadcast yesterday knows that we were joking about just this. If they cast Sly Stalone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Steven Seagal, we might just have to take legal action. ~ DJ Abo.

The Moving Picture

Hollywood is once again proving that it moves fast, as Vertigo Entertainment and Colombian television network RCN are teaming up to bring the story of last week’s dramatic rescue of 15 hostages in Colombia to the big screen.

The Hollywood Reporter says, while many in Hollywood were vying for the rights to the dramatic story, Vertigo had the inside track on securing the rights due to the company’s relationship with RCN. Vertigo worked with RCN to secure remake rights to the Colombian film Al Final del Espectro, and has set up the project at Universal with the working title At the End of the Spectra.

The film will tell the story from three points of view — the American, the French and the Colombian — and recreate the daring rescue.

Colombian filmmaker Simon Brand, whose credits include Unknown and Colombia’s highest-grossing movie Paradise Travel, is working with the producers to develop and direct the project. No writer is on board yet.


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